It has been no host here for a long time, whereas i always stand around you, my friends.

Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading ABC...
I have sunk in the giant maelstrom of ABC for nearly four weeks but still felt panic as long as i have consciousness.
I want to get above 6.5, 7.0 is better and just have three months to prepare for applying for the satisfying university,
Marketing is still my favorite subject and university must emphsize the importance of practical skills, besides theroretical knowledge,
absoluely good for me to get on track soon at work after graduation.

Recently, i was deeply toughed by my three good friends absorbing in travelling around Formosa by bicycle with great enthusiasm.
As they share their striking experience, facing all kinds of mental or physical challanges, I deeply believe it was a perfect record in their life.
During the period, you felt the Taiwanese hospitality and your companion's sweet heart.
2nd trip, won't you?  Count me in !!

I have to persist to learn Francaise, beneficial for my future, but i will burn the candle at both ends.
I will test myself how brave i am or how stupid and crazy i am.
Watch over me!! 

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