Dear Sir,

Good day.

Is there any new information?

Your rapid reply is highly appreciated.

If there is any inquiry or further instructions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks & Best regards,

Above sentences repeat again and again every weekend.
How about me??

Comme ci comme ca

Monday - Thursday this weekend there are two clients coming from Bangladesh.
Mr. Anis Ahmed and Mr. Iqbal Ali Shimul.
Anis has a good scial skills and have dinner with us two nights without any pressure, which is a perfect experience.
He loves taiwan beef noodles. When he eats it, he forgets he is a Muslim. Do not tell other Muslim.haha
Specially, he is very curious about our politics, especially 阿扁~ He knows about 319 shooting incident like a movie.
Shimul has a pocker face and he is an aggresive person. He lives in Dhaka and he often goes to chinese restaurant with his daugher.
Actually, he is chopstick expert and he clips the peanut as a piece of cake but he tends to eat the decoration such as fake flowers.
But we stop him...
He likes Taiwanese instead of Chinese because it is so difficult to handle them. On the other hand, we are easy to be deceived.

Next week, two clients coming from Sri Lanka will visit HQ.
Oh my god~ i am so tired to arrange visa application and meeting itinerary.
No body wants to have a meal with people coming form South Asia zone, the reason ??
No good contribution to us and big culture difference...really ?!

Next two week, one chairman coming from Indian agent.
He is a picky picky picky person.>< maybe is a hypocrite.

I am in charge of three country India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka~
All important person comes to Taiwan in one month.~

But the day will not stand too long~
The answer is coming soon...

Merci beaucoup! A la prochaine. :)
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